Dishwalla yeah there music might fall into the category of "emo" but their a good band also comparing dishwalla's music to BSB's is just absurd
Dishwalla is best known for their catchy 1997 top 40 hit "Counting Blue Cars"

where in the chorus they sang:"Tell me all your thoughts on god, cause i'd really like to meet her, and asky her why were who we are, tell me all your thoughts on god, cause i'm on my way to see her, and tell me am i very ohh am i very far now"
by Joe Smith 2 August 20, 2007
A Dishwalla was a guy who installed satellite dishes in India.
Supposedly Dishwallas got people pirated sattelite service.
Dishwalla's are hard to find in India
by zzzzzzzzz August 11, 2007
YES it is most popularly known as the name of a certain 1990's band that has been underforgotten and overplayed....but here's an odd anomaly I'm gonna throw in. And if there's anyone who can refute this with FACTS (besides the already easily available-at-a-click information about the Hindi definition of a fkn satellite TV installer!) -then by all means, feel free to give some input on this definition, because I'm officially confused now! --- I can remember clearly when the song "counting blue cars" came out because around that time I was playing in a band with an uptight egomaniac who insisted that we play THAT song...(among other lame songs like "midnight blue" by Lou Gramm) and I happened to catch the group DISHWALLA on a radio appearance...I can't remember if they performed on the radio that day or not...BUT... I do specifically remember the D.J. asking them "what does the name dishwalla mean?" -to which one of the band members replied "A dishwalla is an Aboriginal (Australian) wandering storyteller, that would tell stories to the tribes they visited at stops along their journeys. They were charismatic storytellers revered as having spiritual significance, usually, most of the village would gather around to hear their colorful tales" So there you have it...Either they (the band) were pulling a fast one on this D.J. and flat out lying to him, or this IS the true and ACTUAL definition of the word "DISHWALLA" ---any input is appreciated
A dishwalla came through today with some wild stories of their 4 week long walkabout
by Econolines4ever December 7, 2021
A dumbass pop band that sounds terrible. Disgrace to the word music. The only difference between them and Backstreet boys is the fact that none of their albums have even surpassed the status of Gold. Probably the only people who bought their cd's were friends and family of the band, who all probably returned the cd cause its just that bad. People who consider Dishwalla a "sick ass rock band" is emo.
Joe: Hey did you hear the new Dishwalla cd? It's like super cool. Their lyrics are so meaningful. OMG! I love it.
Bob: Shut up. Their cd's are a waste of limited space in this world.
by monsieur emoe January 24, 2006