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A medium sized school ran by a broke ass principal, a whale, and a tomato. Has a woman with a moustache that looks like a pug, and an almond. Fights everyday, ghetto as fuck, there a fat bitch named cici and all she fights is weak peope.
Isn’t Discovery Intermediate that ghetto ass school in Point?
by yallitsme26727288 January 29, 2018
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Where u can go to see a fight any day anytime and the place to get suspended for no good reason. And the most drama(no cap you’ll find it everywhere)the top getto school in florida.
by You’ll find out soon July 4, 2018
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A place filled with fuckboys, crackheads, and stupid motherfuckers.

Be careful because no matter where you go or where you are there's always a chance that you'll see a fight going on. Theres always Hispanics who will get on your nerves because they think that better. The boys will always get in trouble and the girls are just fucking annoying.
Loud and annoying ass 6th graders, and 7th graders that are on drugs, those are just some of the students there.

Then, we move on to our principals.
Theres the main one who always blasts Hispanic music at school dances and also looks like yoda, the fat pug who's legs always jiggle when she walks, and a tomato. Like literally a tomato. Also watch out for the egg because he a bitch.
Friend: have you heard of the school Discovery intermediate?

Me: yea I wish I didn't.
by Someoneendmeplease August 26, 2019
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A school infested by roaches in every classroom you go in and is so broke that the wifi is slow as fuck.

We got a Mr. Clean, a cherry fuck, a fatass whale, and more.

The food is cold as fuck and is probably 3 weeks old. Discovery needs to be closed down, no cap
Isn’t Discovery Intermediate that crazy ass school with all those fights?
by red.rover._ April 14, 2019
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