A nap taken while high on a mind altering substance.
Beastie Boys Track #11 on Ill Communication, released 5.31.1994. Proceeds from β€œAlright Hear This” (Eat a Scooby snack and take disco nap)
by straycat377 May 07, 2013
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A nap where you keep waking up because of a loud neighbor's music.
My nap turned into a disco nap when my next door neighbor took his new Ozzy Osbourne out for a spin.
by John Shaughnessy April 06, 2004
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This is the sleep you get AFTER a weekend of hard partying. Take Monday (and sometimes Tuesday) off from work or school and recuperate.
I barely woke up from my disco nap to call in sick to work Monday morning.
by Lone Raver July 02, 2007
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its actually a "beauty sleep" so that we look good at the party.
disco nap er--hey do u want to look pale and jaded at the club?...didnt have a beauty sleep? you wont get any lays!
by mumu April 25, 2007
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In order to continue the nights events or to prevent barfing everywhere - a disco nap is required.
Also used before attempting to make your way home from a friends.
B: Gulp gulp gulp gulp...awww shiiiiate.
A: Haha. Way to be budddah. Common lets git.
B: Uggghhhh need disco nap first.
A: Dude!
B: Fck. I need to get horizontal or Ima... S - PLODE

A: Dude, you have to go.
B: Man, I just need a disco nap for like 5 minutes before I can make the trek
A: Fuck, if you heave on my shit I'll be pissed.
B: Dude, I got it under raps. Lemme hava disco nap.
by Brrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! March 16, 2009
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A disco nap, is a nap that one requires when they are doing drugs ; such as coke or meth. A full 8 hours of sleep is hard to do when on stimulants, Uppers. It is because of this reason a person would rather take small disco naps witch consist of any where from 1-2 hours . It allows the body to recuperate this allows a little more glamorous drug induced night while feeling fresh and rested not burnt out
partying takes a lot out of me that I often find my self having to take several disco naps in order to be able to do more drugs and drink and turn it up
by Wehoprince May 28, 2016
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