A song by the band All-American Rejects. Also, a name for a guy or girl that you don't want your friends knowing about.
Steve is my dirty little secret.
by ChristinaFL September 29, 2005
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A secret that you don't want anyone to know but someone finds out about it sooner or later.
You've got a dirty little secret about me that I'd like to know.
by Christie Byrd November 9, 2005
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1) A song by All American Rejects
2) A song by Christian band Pillar
3) How you refer to a secret relationship, usually one in which some form of sexual contact has occurred.
1) "Dude, Dirty Little Secret is playin' on the radio!"
2) Dirty Little Secret is one of Pillar's best songs ever!
3) Jane: So, wanna come round later to continue our Dirty Little Secret?
Bob: Damn straight.
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What you have when you make out with a guy you like in the church basement while he has a girlfriend. Also a kickass song by All American Rejects.
Amanda: did u make out with that one dude?
Ashley: yea he's my "dirty little secret"
by ashley jay December 22, 2005
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Dirtier version of a wet willy where the finger is first inserted into the anus then the victims ear.
He tried giving me a dirty little secret but I punched him in the face instead.
by Morrison75 October 21, 2009
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A kick butt forum about the show Instant Star.
Also called DLS.
located at perfect-illusions.com/is it has often been studied that once you get on you're addicted.
A place where even the non fans of the title show it's for can hang out for the love and witty bantering.
"I got on Dirty little secret (DLS) yesterday and I was on until I fell asleep at the computer!"
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a forum dedicated to stalk, bash and leak content of various artists.
-Did you see the new photos up at Dirty little secret (DLS)?
-yeah man, damn those creepers sure know how to stalk!
by Johnny Manhood February 21, 2010
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