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An awesome show featuring the life of Jude Harrison the winner of an American Idol like contest called Instant Star.
It follows the ups and downs of fame and about the music.
How she is inspired by relationships she has to write her music.
Featured on the-N and CTV in Canada and America and various others stations around the world.
30 minutes long.
"So can you believe the outcome of Instant Star last night they love giving us those cliffhangers!!"

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A kick butt forum about the show Instant Star.
Also called DLS.
located at perfect-illusions.com/is it has often been studied that once you get on you're addicted.
A place where even the non fans of the title show it's for can hang out for the love and witty bantering.
"I got on Dirty little secret (DLS) yesterday and I was on until I fell asleep at the computer!"

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