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When you have a outstanding ability to dodge somthing most likly A punch
That nigga erick cant beat me my dip game is outrageous
by akar4715 July 05, 2008
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1: The art of dodging bullets - usually in a video game, however the term can be applied to real life.
2: A combination of regular stance and prone position and/or zig-zag in order to avoid projectiles.
3: A strategy to make oneself hard to hit by snipers.
Chris: What the heck, I emptied a whole clip in that guy, how did I not hit him?
Bob: Yeah, that cat got mad dip-game.


Matt: Those who practice Ninjutsu are taught to read the trajectory of a bullet in close quarters and move a defensive attack accordingly. Thus, they sorta have dip-game.
Marc: Word.
by Phatmat221 November 11, 2007
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1. A game in which two opponents compete in spitting chewing tobacco; the winner is whomever spits the furthest.
Brian and Doug competed in a dip-game and Doug won. His dip was spat furthest.
by tobaccy79 August 11, 2010
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