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"Dingin' on"- verb, meaning to rag on, joke with, or generally mess with a person in a manner ment for the amusement of the dinger(s) through the confusion or emberrasment of the dingee. Usually it is not considered malicious to "ding" on somebody; this quickly changes with overuse or use with non-humerous topics or situations. Can also be used as a statement of incredulity or excitement.
1. Pete gave Clark a hard time about his black eye from the bar fight but Clark knew Pete was just dingin' on him.

2. Kate got fed up with Pete due to his constant dingin' about her lisp.

3. Guy 1. "That really pretty girl you met in Colorado is coming out to visit."
Guy 2. "Dude, are you dingin' on me?"

by Heck yes I'm JM August 18, 2006
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