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A South-Slavic male name with Greek origins. It means "of the Earth" or "son of Earth".
Men named Dimitrije can go in two and only two extremes: The first one is being an unbelievably hot and sexy individual, very tall and lean. Often listens to unconventional music and has a hobby he is really good at, maybe even the best one in the community. Extremely smart and ambitious, is good at both academics and sports. On top of all of that, a huge sweetheart and somebody everyone needs in their life.
On the other hand, the other extreme is to be the most immature and inconsiderate piece of trash you have ever come across. Always a smartass, an annoying hipster just waiting to be slapped over the head. Stubborn as hell, indescribably stupid when it comes to life and oblivious. It's important to state that he isn't all of this by choice, it's just the way they are. An emotionless, immature jerk at heart, even though he can be very helpful at rare occasions.
Omg I can't believe you hooked up with Dimitrije, he is literally a god.


What the hell is wrong with you, why would you start dating a Dimitrije??? He is such an impolite child! You're gonna regret it, sweetie.
by anonymous pant January 02, 2017
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