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1) n. a dillhole who isn't worth the effort or breath involved in pronouncing dillhole; a lesser dillhole.

2) n. a cocksucking faggot who isn't capable of seeing how much of a dillhole he actually is.

3) n. a person who is more of a container of human waste than anything else; a disease of life.

4) n. someone who needs to feel like they are the center of attention at all times, thus resorting to talking to themselves for anyone within earshot to hear, like anyone that has smoked crack would do.

5) n. a complete waste of time and energy for anyone unlucky enough to be involved in this person's life in any way; a drainer of the will to live.

6) n. someone so miserable with their own existence they are willing to completely suppress all individuality in order to feel like someone might seem to give a shit about them for being pathetic enough to do so.

7) n. Paul Deagle
What a fuckin dillbag.
by ballhauler May 10, 2004
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nut sack, ball sack

way to put someone down you hate
shit that hit me in the dill bag.

man that kids a dill bag
by b4 February 27, 2007
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" Put my nuts in her mouth, and started hummin. I said, shit, um its ejecting.She started scratching my dillbag and said hold up a second. Turn me over on my back gold,
Opened up my butt cheeks and started lickin out my asshole."

Bushwick Bill of Geto Boys in "Gangster of Love" on The Geto Boys album August, 2005.
by Matt Kelley May 19, 2007
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Dillbag is a Player on a Game (usually WoW, and Usually Hunters) who will persist on getting the group killed or just being a complete ass hole with loots. E.g Ninjas,
1. Why did you pull that group you Dillbag
2. OMG, all i get is dillbags in my group
3. Your a hunter, why r u needing on strength items you fucking dillbag!
by JaysterIsKing May 18, 2011
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An alternate way to say douche bag; a derogatory word to insult someone. A jerk or an asshole.
man, James is such dill bag! what a jerk!
by JustineISawesome January 07, 2010
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