a slang word for crystal meth.
(it's called diet food because you loose a lot of weight while using)
Hey girl you're looking a little fat. Did you stop using diet food?
by cocog January 4, 2008
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On a diet when you see food and you eat it.
We are in a see-food diet to have an excuse for eating so much.
by MaloOki July 1, 2015
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Crack cocaine binge. Often the reason given for sudden weight loss.
No man, I'm not smokin' crack, I lost all this weight on a raw food diet.
by ************* February 19, 2008
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A type of diet that most fat people adhere to "the see food diet". When they see food they eat it!

This can be very misleading as it sound like quite a healthy low fat diet until you realize that sea doesn't mean sea (water) but seeing.
Gay Fat John: I'm going on the Sea Food Diet Dave!

Gay Dave: Oh John baby I can't wait 'til you lose weight.

Gay Fat John: Oh Dave you silly sausage, I don't mean Sea Food I mean if I see some food I'm going to eat it! It's similar to the see cock diet, but I don't mean cock (male chicken) I mean the other type of cock because I'm a gay boy.

Gay Dave: Ok John but I wish you'd lose some weight I'm sick of sucking you off, your sweat smells like a mixture between cheese and lard.

Gay Fat John: That's because I don't actually have blood anymore it's just a mixture of loads of different fats, cocoa fat, lard, bacon fat, vegetable oil, butter and cheese fat. It's the fat gay blokes way because all these fats and oils makes a good lube for gay butt sex.

Gay Dave: Oh I suppose you're right, you're always lubed up quite well, that must be why. You must save $$$'s on KY Jelly. WELL DONE!

Gay Fat John: Shut up and bang my bum hole!
by Karl "The K Man" Pilkington January 27, 2008
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