what people say on a failblog video on youtube

just look at one of the vids right now and read the comments you'll know what i mean.
*guy trips and gets right up

person 1: did he die?
person 2: die he did?
person 3: did he dieded?
person 4: he clearly died
person 5: dead
person 6: FIRST!lol
person 7: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON????!??!?!?!?
person 8: did he death?
person 9 reply to 8: grammar fail
person 10: ok this is getting old
by a stupid bitch12345 May 30, 2009
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The stupidest thing you can ask when you see a picture or video of a person getting hurt somehow.
YouTube - Guy struck by lightning and hit by car


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pussydestroyer451 (17 minutes ago)
did he die?
   | xxxiloveangelinaxxx (14 minutes ago)
   | its fake you dumbass
by pussydestroyer451 June 3, 2009
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Referred to in EVERY failblog.org youtube video, commenters will always ask "Did he die?" or "Did she die?" even if the video is not an accident or something non harmful to human life.

A video of a newscaster incorrectly saying a headline will result in being asked if he died. The answer is more than likely no, but people think they are funny by asking the question anyway.
*failblog.org video playing on youtube*

Youtube commenter: Did he die?
by Falconpunch5440 May 30, 2009
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A youtube fad where a user will comment 'did he die' if a person in the video falls, gets even mildly injured, or for any other unrelated reason.

Sometimes the comment will be in a different form where the user states a explanation accompanied with 'he died.'

The people who do this are either trying to be funny or piss people off, in which case the latter usually occurs.
*Kid flips off dirtbike*
Asshole128: omg did he die?


Asshole393: i heard that he broke his ribs and then he died.
by iamnobody00 May 30, 2009
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A term, originating from FailBlog users, used as a response to a video that consists of people being injured, although many seem to use this term for any form of fail

There may be variations of the term, such as "Did he death?", "Is he died?", "Did he died" and "He died"
*Video of man falling over*

Viewer 1: Did he die?
Viewer 2: Did he death?
Viewer 3: Yeah, he died
by Chris V2 June 20, 2009
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A widespread phrase that is used as a response to a Fail.

Many people aren't sure, but some believe the phrase got it's roots from a YouTube video called "tubing fail". A user asked if the victim of the fail died, and people found it funny, while the user was serious, and soon it spread like wildfire. Many people find it annoying and call the people who use this phrase a Troll, especially on failblog, a site with a collection of fails.

This phrase can be used in different ways, using something related to the fail, such as saying "did the tv die" when a tv is involved in the fail.
Wow, I wouldn't want to be that skateboarder, ouch!

Did he die?
by Combatgamer July 29, 2009
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A retarded-ass phrase started by someone who needs a rectal exam because that is where their tiny excuse for a brain is.
A video of a guy talking about prices of different gaming consoles.

Some idiot: Did he die?
by rghjghop6 June 21, 2009
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