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A pestering, dogged, or annoying person who causes stress or commotion in one's life. Synonyms: pest, busybody
Have you seen dicksnag today? He was bothering me to get that project done.
by underscorebleach November 23, 2006
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(Noun) A term used in reference to oral sex. Teeth that are of near uselessness. Teeth that catch on the skin of a penis during oral sex. A person, usually a woman, who has few teeth or a pattern of missing teeth. A female with large gaps between her teeth that partakes often in oral sex.
Example 1
John: Joe, you hit that?
Joe: Yes! Why?, whaz wrong with that?
John: Did you see her teeth?
Joe: No, I had other things on my mind.
John: Dude, I bet your cock looks like hamburger meat after hitting all those "Dicksnags" in her mouth!

Example 2

That bitch had every other tooth in her head missing, what a nasty mouthful of dicksnags!
by Kellaydog March 16, 2011
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The unfortunate result of getting with a clingy ganga bitch at a party and she thinks she has found love and wont leave you alone days later...
Jason: i got with a girl last ngiht and she wont leave me alone, it was only a hook up!

Ben: you got yourself a dicksnag
by johnbobbybrown August 19, 2010
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