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whats your dickname? let's think of one.
sagachunga...hmm maybe if ur asian.
morpheous..hmm that guy's black.
little my dick is big
moby...could work
whats a penis? thats jewish
steakster...sounds too delicious
megasnakehammerbulletsharkgeorge....yep thats the one.
i have to go play with megasnakehammerbulletsharkgeorge.
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A nickname given to an individual that is a real dick, which signifies his/her true dickness.
Everyone called Andrew by his dickname "Pubes" because he had such a mondo outta control afro and was a total dick to anyone he walked past in the halls.
by B-dangle September 24, 2006
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When one gives another person a douchey nickname. Usually used behind said person's back.
"Oh, here comes Tits McGee." "Dude, since you gave her that dick name, I can't remember her name!"
by jammin'turtles October 27, 2014
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