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Dicklomatic immunity applies to all the sexual things that one can do to another person without getting in trouble. This is most often established between couples. This also applies to sexual things you are allowed to do to another person while they are unconscious.
My girlfriend said I could cockslap her whenever I wanted, I've been waiting for my dicklomatic immunity on that.
by Bongman7 October 16, 2006
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When you and your whole group of friends are immune to a persons authority because one of you is fucking her.
That RA can't file a IR against us, our buddy has been Fucking her for months so he has dicklomatic immunity now.
by AjJohnson6969 September 02, 2016
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Dicklomatic Immunity - The ability to have sex with whatever girl you want in the world and another person cannot get mad at you, or punish you in any means.
Stephen had sex with my wife last night I was sad when I found out he had Dicklomatic Immunity!
by plasticpb July 07, 2014
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