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One who receives anal sex and shits on the penetrator's dick either during intercourse or upon penile extraction.
Nah, you don't wanna fuck her in the ass, she's a major dick shitter.
by nickfinn November 16, 2006
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One who tucks his penis into his own butthole, and then farts it out...occassionally accompanied with muddy runs.
That Steve is such a dick-shitter; he has to shower like four or five times a day just to NOT reak of his own anus.
by Shant A. [Accept no imitations] February 26, 2005
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One who excretes fecal matter through their dick/dong/tallywacker/johnson/penis.
Why do you have to be such a dick shitter! I don't want all of your shit on my carpet!
by TKrumb September 28, 2006
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