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A scene in a movie or television show that excites a man's penis due to high amounts of action or nudity.
Watching Species II made my dick twitch for 90 minutes straight.
by Dr. Stephen F. Chang August 15, 2007
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1. A muscle spasm in a mans penis 2. An insult to someone who is being a douche
1 Damn, sometimes I get these really bad dick twitches making my meat go left and right. 2 Shut the fuck up you stupid dick twitch.
by Maybegaymaybenot September 06, 2017
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The shaky tingles a guy gets in his dick after he busts a nut.
Stop bitch!! You know I can’t take that shit once I get the dick twitches!!!
by FreddyKT December 02, 2017
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One who is an ignorant pile of their own 6 brain cells
Jerry: Gnat is spelled “Nat.”

Thomas: No it isn’t, you dicktwitch.
by Y is it a handle June 06, 2018
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