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The dreaded Dick of Doom is a feeling of being tired and totally wiped out that comes out of nowhere and slaps you in the face, ruining a fun-filled night out. Abandon all hope when the Dick of Doom appears. Your night is over.
Girl 1: Woo! Let's go to the next club!
Girl 2: Sorry, I can't.
Girl 1: WHAT?!
Girl 2: The Dick of Doom just hit me hard.
Girl 1: Shit.
by Trombonafide October 05, 2017
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A rare psychological/physical disease in which a pre-pubescent teenage girl grows a penis, regardless of whether or not she wants one. Scientific name: juebos doces.
example: whys katie blowin testosterone at me today?
i dunno, maybe she grew the dick of doom last night? who knows man...
by genzi January 16, 2004
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