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It's the flusher of a urinal which gets touched by a hand immediately after said hand leaves a dick and it quite possibly the dirtiest place on earth.
If I touch that dick handle, I may as well just grab every guy's junk in the place.
by J. Hoy April 01, 2008
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a- A rude term given to anyone who can be considered an asshole, but given to said person by someone who would like to use something different from the cliche asshole.
b- Someone, most likely a woman, who grabs the penis and yanks on it before or after sex (but obviously not during). Better used as "dickhandler," but can be used either way.
a- "You remember that guy who used to beat the neighborhood kids up? What a dickhandle."
b- "She's wild in bed man- a total dickhandler!"
by ThePowersThatBe June 20, 2006
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