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Phrase coined by mscoulter: Two dorky guys who love hanging out and talking BS. Two guys who love each other that are not gay. Singular: dick buddy
Richie and Madison are dick buddies who love to get together and hang out. Also, Madison lives in NY but has a dick buddy in Colorado named Tom. Therefore, Tom is Madison's Colorado dick buddy, and Madison is Tom's New York dick buddy.
by mscoulter August 10, 2011
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It's the women's version of "broad" for men. Also, known as a "male broad".
Hey Jenny, what were the names of those two dick buddies we met the other day? Was is Pat and Lenny?
by C. Leonard June 23, 2011
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Someone of the male gender you frequently hook up with, but it's nothing serious
Hey, did you see Bob yesterday?

Yeah I did. He's my dick buddy.
Oh wow, thanks Bob very nice!
by michaelscottlovesme August 21, 2019
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