To set an appointment to have sex with a man. Women make dick appointments. Also it is purely to fuck, no "feelings" are involved.
"Tommy asked me to come over to his place. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said yes. so I told him to come to my place and he did." ...thats a dick appointment
by dickosarous October 21, 2012
A dick appointment is when you schedule to have sex with a guy but no feelings are involved.
Girl 1: You said you have plans tonight?
Girl 2: Yea, I have to go to my dick appointment
Girl 1: A what?

Girl 2: I'm going to have sex with a dude

Girl 1: Are you guys dating?
Girl 2: No...
by Dominaaaj July 14, 2018
Just like a regular appointment except you’re going for the purpose of getting dick.
I’ve never been late for a dick appointment.
by Bae5867 December 2, 2022
A “d or dick appointment” is a term used by woman that refers to them getting fucked by a guy
Lexi can’t go she a dick appointment later on
by PizzaMan Ant November 23, 2021