I have no words for a Dhruv he is flawless in every way possible, with his charming dimpled smile, and warm honey brown eyes. What can I say, he's the kindest person you will know with a heart of gold, always there for you when you need him the most. The funniest person you will know, just by interacting with him he can lighten up you mood when you in the dampest of spirits. The smartest person you will know always achieving top marks in every test. Dhruv is all good things enrolled in this one guy. When you find a Dhruv never lose him, as he is a star in the night sky, bright, beautiful, unique shining his rays among us, spreading his love around us. He is my bestfriend and I hope one day you can be friends with him too.
Guy 1: which guy was it that just scored 100% in his algebra test
Guy 2: that would be dhruv
by random-kid 1983 June 16, 2019
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According to Hindu Mytholigy, Dhruv was a boy who was given place in sky to shine by God for taking care of his parents. He is known to be the brightest Star which in Western world is known to be the Pole Star.
This word is not usually used in sentences. It is usualy used as
I wish my son was like Dhruv
by Dhruv May 22, 2005
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1. An indian male who gets everyone's attention...center of attraction.
2. The diva of "coolness"
3. An indian with extreme drumming skills
1. Woah! Cool drumming-i wish my band had a dhruv!
2. Im sick of him! He takes all the attention - who does he think he is? Dhruv?
by ABC December 12, 2003
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an indian nerd who complains about getting 99% on his test

He's a freshman who has 99.87% in Chem Honors.

Dhruv = chips
Dhruv got a 99% on the Lit test, and he got mad at the teacher and cried.
by mvstudent March 07, 2005
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This boy thinks hes a baller

Even though he won't admit it, this boy can dance....just turn on soulja boy and youll see what i mean

No matter what time it is, this boy wants to go out and partyyy with the boys...total party animal

Does not give a fuck about the world, plays by his own rules

Did you see those boys dancing in the mall?? They were totally pulling a dhruv!!

Who wants to party? Just call Dhruv, I know he'll be down!
by TheDreamTeam September 08, 2012
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He is the coolest and nicest guy you can ever have
You can't be as good as dhruv
by Theswhdvwhsvs May 19, 2019
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1-Calm, constant
2-A complete boy scout, always willing to help out others and the most all-American person you'll ever meet
3-A smart, strong, fast and helpful male
Dhruv is awesome! If Superman were real, he'd be proud of him.
by Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman October 11, 2011
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