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Male boobs.
Augmented breasts which have been surgically imposed unto a biological male.
Not to be confused with moobs.
Have you heard from Terry, lately? He dropped the y and an r from his name and prefers to be called 'her'/'she' now. She showed me her dewbs and I got the most awkward erection that I can ever recall.
by Almuemadan August 01, 2018
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dewb, stands for dont even worry bro. At first it was used as a joke to make fun of the people who say "dont even worry bro" but now is everyday talk for people in the hills area.
"Hey have you actually even hit anyone with that baseball bat?"
Kahn replied "dewb"
by Im Changus Kahn July 20, 2010
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a word for a joint. also spelt like doob or dewbie
yo pass up that dewb boy
by Jaboc October 26, 2007
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Slang term for a dude who plays like a newb.
Jimmy: "Dude I just fell off a CLIFF."
Rambo: "Dewb."
by why_care October 14, 2011
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