The Act of devising, creating and planning with clear thought and in an enjoyable manner.
Unity told me "Yeah, Dru's heavily into devision right now. I asked him WHAT IS DEPLAN? HAVE YOU COME UP WITH DE VISION YET?!

"It's not spelt like that, Unity- it's DEViSiON," he replied, smartly.
by the Wizard, Oz January 19, 2008
An ideology based on deceptive and typically balkanizing rhetoric used by incompetent politicians and criminal elites who attempt to convince the masses that if they could just kill or convert everyone who doesn't agree with them then the world would a perfect place to live.
Wakadoo: "Silence is golden"

Wise man: "Then why don't you shut up?"

Wakadoo: "Because I have a right to free speech"

Wise man: "Then why don't you speak up?"

Wakadoo: "Because its wrong to disagree"

Wise man: "Then how do you find the truth?"

Wakadoo: "I just watch the television or pray for guidance"

Wise man: "But television lies, and no proof of god exists"

Wakadoo: "You're just a hater!...and you smell funny!"

Wise man: "You're just saying that avoid debating the facts"

Wakadoo: "Silence is golden"

Wise man: "That's some devision you've got there, moron"
by Your liberator February 1, 2011
An excessive attention or use of phones or other electronic devices causing abject social disconnection.
John and Ali shared another Devisive meal together staring endlessly at their phones.
by Nonnyman February 10, 2019
A Journalist who has an agenda behind there questions and tries to manipulate a person into a corner to get the response that they want. This type of journalist is incapable of asking an unbiased question that the response to would benefit the public. They typically ask questions that only benefit their network and/or personal agendas.They are completely ignorant to the fact that their inability to report unbiased opinions and just report facts is deviding the country.
JIM Ac@STA , Brian Stelt@r , Don Lem@n are Devisive Journalists who try and manipulate the public. In doing so they are dividing the public.
by Regular Joe 69 November 17, 2018