Sex with three total people, in which two of the people are male, and one is female.
Megan had a devil’s threeway with Kyle, and Drew last night. What a freak!
by El Wappo. June 15, 2019
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In a Devils Threeway its a threeway with two guys.
Bill and Nick had a devils threeway with her.
by Della P August 8, 2008
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A three way with two dudes. Article 34 of the brocode states that two bros eyes must never meet in a devils three way
Person 1. Bro code article 34, bros cannot make eye contact during a devils threeway
Person 2. ??
Person 1. Two dudes
Person 2. oooh
by ReggaePotassiumMan March 6, 2016
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A threesome involving 2 guys and 1 girl.
John used to brag about the threesome he had until we found out he had a devil's threeway.
by Balzacthebold August 4, 2013
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When one woman has sex with two guys who are related.
"Your brother flirted a lot with me!"
"Don't be a prude. You and I are engaged, but if we had sex with him it could be an awesome Alabama Devils Threeway."
by merov April 12, 2023
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