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An individual calling themself "goth"/"gothic" that ,in actuality, is not involved in the subculture.
They listen to overhyped nu-metal/emo bands that they like for the simple fact that they believe it will make them 'cool',or more 'gothic'.
Usually between the ages of 12-17, they have a very blatant fashion sense; commonly wearing baggy, black pants with chains draped from them, spiked wristbands/collars, beanies, and especially Slipknot, HIM, or Korn tees.
Their chief source of fashion is Hot Topic (owned by Abercrombie & Fitch)
Some will don a depressed visage, never smile or speak, and others will don a moody, angry tone.
None of these 'goths' are generally 'gothic' at all. None of these people understand the origins, roots, or influences of the subculture, nor would they likely to be interested in any of its true aspects.
"You're indefinitely not involved in the gothic subculture; you would appear to be a mall goth."
"My friend only listens to HIM and Slipknot, and pretends to be depressed all the time; he's a mall goth."
by Draconysius April 25, 2006
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The state of being rebellious to knowledge. Intellectual deviance is most apparant today through the general teenagers' habit of mocking intelligence. "Nerd", "geek", "bookworm", etc. are certain slang-terms used by the populace to describe the intelligent. It is a subcontious fear of being surpassed by those more knowledgeable that causes this mass, ego-induced hysteria. If the knowledgable surpass one man, that man will soon become inferior, and therefore, no longer feel needed. (Feeling needed is the very definition of ego)
Those insecure children over there laughed at me because I walked into the library. I despise intellectual deviance.
by Draconysius June 05, 2006
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