Elite warrior caste of India.
Belong to state of Maharashtra
We are Deshmukh
by DDD95 December 27, 2018
one of the 2As of all time
that loser is a samarjit deshmukh
by belarm July 23, 2022
A young Indian man who is most well known for being the side-hoe of Steven Zhou. He is always really sad about being a side-hoe and wants to talk to Steven about it, but his love for Steven stops him from actually communicating with Steven about his problems. Other than this, Mr. Deshmukh is known for his raw stanky leg, and for his short-lived yet lively love affair with Adithya.
Person A: "So I heard that Steven was with another girl today."
Person B:"Yeah I know, Rishi Deshmukh is gonna be so sad about it...I really wish he would just be open with Steven!"
Person B:"Damn, I'm so sorry man, please take me and all my money."
by Mentally_Ill_Frog_69 October 11, 2019
hot sexy indian man with the largest wood that can slay any female or male😏😏
I want deshmukh to slay me with that big indian cock
by yuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh October 25, 2022