What most teenagers are actually experiencing when they claim they are suffering from depression. Symptoms include whininess, pointless talk of suicide, crying to strangers over the Internet, and a general lack of common sense.
Trisha: Guys, I crashed my car today, and on top of that, my mom STILL won't let me go to prom. I'm depressed. :(

Jim: No, I think you might be suffering from derpression. You should stop being a derp, wipe your tears, and grow up.
by MusicalRocky December 4, 2010
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falling into a depressed state from not derping enough or when you haven't derped in a while and then you over-derp yourself.
Nick: "Man derp is gayy you say it too much." Kevin: "You've fallen into a derpression, my friend. Get help now. Derp."
by eerisedsaysshutupkevin January 14, 2010
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Carrying or resulting in a feeling of miserable dejection brought on by stupidity.
It's fucking derpressing that so many people think Sarah Palin is a viable candidate for president.
by Imperialist October 28, 2010
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Being depressed over something stupid/silly or for a seemingly stupid/silly reason.
derpressed kid: "im depressed because my mom wont buy me black ops."

depressed kid: "what? i think your derpressed dude because thats no reason to be depressed. i'm depressed because my mom ran over my dog!"
by chaosweapon1 March 13, 2011
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When your STUPID and SAd at the sAMe time alL tHE tiME
Guy: hey doc. So my friend has been acting weird like he has derpression
Friend: (crys weirdly) owna ooaa oooee
Doctor: lemme see... (Guy: does he have it!?!?!? (Doctor: I'm afraid he does have derpression
by Derpeness July 2, 2018
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The Art genre which most emo or scene kids draw
it's not really creative it's just all the same
mostly consists of baby pandas crying holding out his ripped out heart with the words "here take this, i know it's not much but it's all i have for you"
Emo Guy: here i made this for you
Emo Girl: awwwww it's so cute!
Goth kid: ....fml i hate Derpressionism effin' depressionists
by emanyell January 15, 2011
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so basically you have a femboy avatar right? so basically you get killed by this dude in a video game so much towards the point where you start going depressed babyrage mode
ah damn, some dude on roblox gave me derpression because i died to him while he was using SP pluck :(
by derptaro June 15, 2021
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