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A term used in the television show "South Park" to describe the taking of a persons job
Stan- Yeah They Took Our Job! Oh... I mean They Derkader!
Mob- Yeah! Derkader!
by John Mazz February 02, 2005
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A republican who (among other things) dislikes immigrants, liberals, socialists, death panels, and anyone who comes between them and Sarah Palin. Different from conservatives, libertarians, or intellectual republicans. This is the red-neck-right-wing of the party. Typically white red-necks, they are mostly protestants (primarily evangelicals) who would rather fight about creationism than reform tax policy.
ACK! Drives me crazy! I'm embarrassed to affiliate with the Republican party when I see how many Derka Ders say stupid things that end up in the news.
by repubbutnotderka May 13, 2010
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NOUN:1)One who is slow or retarted. ADJECTIVE:2) To describe a dumb person.

1) Kovac is a derkader 2) Don't be such a derkader
by ChetJFlocko May 11, 2008
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