A great female author who was born 1775. She has many obbsessed fans, unlike Twilight fans, these fans actually apreciate good litature. She writes a lot about family, mostly females. Some of her works include Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey.

English teachers have taken everything good out of this work and expect students to have the same missperceptions about the books as they do, thus making them despised by the mass of High Schoolers.
*Sarah sitting in the coroner innocently reading Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen*

Twilight Fan: oooo Bella read that book! It must be good!

Sarah: Well while Stephanie Meyer makes her painful novel pass as literature by mentioning this book, some people actually read it. Bella is a shallow, unrealistic fictional character while all of Austen's characters and more life like than me!

Twilight Fan: Whaaaaattttt (said with much air)

Sarah: My point you illiterate imbecile!
by Austinet May 19, 2009
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A common synonym for "cold heartless bitch" usually directed toward authors/poets. This term can be interchangeable for anyone who makes you life a living hell for a time period of two to four weeks.
Man, I'm sure glad i got rid of that Jane Austen novel, it almost made me puke.
by Stumpy Lumpy April 18, 2006
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A female author from the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century known most for her novel Pride and Prejudice. Her novels usually cause groans from high schoolers and are very difficult to re-read because you get everything out of them the first time around. They also prove that she believed love conquered and withstood all.
Person One: Have you re-read your Jane Austen novel for that English paper yet?

Person Two: Have you re-learned your alphabet?

Person One: Touche.
by Mademoiselle_11 June 30, 2011
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