Another word for demigirl. Someone who only partially identifies as woman.

This could mean:
• their gender falls somewhere between female and agender
• they're (possibly trans)feminine but don't feel strongly enough about it to identify as a woman
• they're genderfluid
• they think the term fits them for some other reason

Used by those who dislike being called a girl. Like other nonbinary identities, a demi-femme might use any pronouns, not just she/her.
"So Sam's demi-femme?"
"Yeah, today ze's a woman but tomorrow ze might be something else."

Sure, I'm feminine, I suppose. I'm nonbinary, though, so I think demi-femme makes more sense than calling myself a woman.
by vicimgd July 2, 2014
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a half measure of femme. this describes many lesbians that do not fall in the traditional old school "butch/femme" dynamic. a demi femme would put on a dress if NECESSARY but it is not the typical choice. she may wear lip balm and occasionally apply makeup but with a light hand. she is not completely tomboy or sporty. she is a well balanced mix of male and female energy
Ellen Degeneres may be considered a demi-femme.
by shaunlouis March 29, 2011
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