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the act of taking the male oriented activities (ie. sporting events, strip clubs, etc) out of a vacation or roadtrip
I will be with Jenna on this trip so I have to demale the activities a bit.
by MetFan930 June 24, 2009
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A female with a d*ck. A Demale. Same as shemale basically
A: When I pulled up her skirt I saw she had a dick.
B: LOL, she was totally a demale.
by mim4uuu January 03, 2014
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A delta male within the Alpha Male/beta male hierarchy. The inferior of a gammamale. The least manly of male echelons (i.e. only one consonant removed from female).
"Dude- quit acting like a demale and chug this beer."
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by CBNorwood May 28, 2018
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