a group of football fans, supporting the team manchester united. unfortunatly the majority of there support comes from countries outside of the uk, milions of miles away from old trafford. many can be found buying the latest kit and declaring there love for the the team, despite lacking the ability to point out manchester on a map. real man u fans generally hate there foriegn cousins, however they are now the majority, which leads to many a footy fan to hate man united all together.
manchester united fans are the fools in front of the telly that dont know anything about football.
by chelsea for lyf<cfc> July 27, 2008
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A Manchester United Fan is the most delusional fan you'll ever meet.They'll suck Sir Alex Fergusons cock if they're given the chance to do so.They are also reminding every minute that they won a treble.
Hes Stupid He's a Manchester United Fan
by VK1894 November 12, 2020
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Those people support the club "Manchester United Football Club.
Usually they're very supportive of their club, yet the suck actual ass.

Their rivals are liverpool, and man city
They may have history, but their current form is in shambles.
Yeah, I'm a manchester united fan
-Oh so you're a retard?
by Skandarthegreat September 30, 2023