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n. The state of a relationship with a friend or loved one when their adamantly untreated depression becomes so burdensome that the relationship is threatened to the point of explosion, resulting in a separation. origin: an amalgamation of depression and fission.
n. The depression, worry, frustration and angst resulting from a friend or loved one's own depression, centering around your desire to help and their rejection of your help, and the feelings of sadness and helplessness you feel as the relationship suffers or even ends as a result.
v. The process of destruction of a friendship or relationship with a loved one due to their intolerable and miserable attitudes and behavior resulting from their long term, untreated depression.
"Pete and I are sinking into defission because no matter how hard I try to get him to think positive or make some positive changes in his life, he still refuses to even acknowledge that he is depressed, never mind get treated. It's like he wants to be miserable, and I just don't want to be around that kind of negative energy."

"I'm starting to feel defissioned because Sally is mad at me again for not being supportive and attacking her when I suggest that maybe it's not that people are being mean to her all the time but that her perceptions are warped from her long term depression and she really needs to treat that to solve the problems."

"Joe and I aren't talking anymore, everything is defissioning because he refuses to get his shit together and go to the frickin doctor!" (colloquial)

"Dude, you have two options: defission with all your friends, or go get help."
by high art February 07, 2010
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