When a conversation, that on the surface seems to be about an interesting topic, turns in an opposite direction leaving one confused and/or surprised.
" Oh that's interesting that you have 5 kids."
"Yeah, they all have different fathers that reside in 5 different prisons in 5 different states."
"Wow, that went def left."
by Daquan movin bricks December 11, 2015
Not being able to see otherwise known as blind
Jeff waived to Bob but little did they know Bob was eye def
by MEME MONKEY October 5, 2018
Neo-pronouns typically used by straight men to let others know that they have a small penis.
person 1: i’m def/ault 😂😂
person 2: what’s that

person 3: it means his dick is small
by psyk February 27, 2021
it saysget the get the get the this def on a mug mug on a mug”, right?
why are you searching “ get the get the this def on a mug mug” on urban dictionary? don’t you have homework due?
by thebananaman March 3, 2023
making sure your friend is alright when away throwing up
yeah I'll go check on Bobby. I'll do a slow def check after my smoke.
by neu December 9, 2003
The act of fucking a fat bitch, or a skinny emo slut in the ass while dressed as a 80's hair metal guitarist listening to Def leppard, and doing a line of cocaine while when reaching the climax pulling out to bust a load on her tits, or ass yelling "POUR SOME SUGER ON ME!!!".
Tom: What did you and Kerry do it last night after the mötley cüre reunion show?

John: dude I Def lepparded her asshole.
by Robby Thrasher May 9, 2018
A Brooklyn-based online lifestyle for music, sports, fashion, movies, food, tech, travel, art, and everything Black culture.
Did you read that new Don C interview on Def Pen?
by BrooklynMade718 November 24, 2021