ayo deez kalled u last night
Deez who?
Deez nutz! ya dig? deez....nutz
by chuck deez January 24, 2007
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word thats is telling what something is.
come play with deez nuts
deez chips are old
most common term-deez nuts
by tye June 15, 2004
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Refering to the testes of said person being marcus, given away freely to those who havent yet witnessed their maximus.
hey , have you got a chance to see him yet? Who ? DEEZ BITCH!
by mk 1 January 12, 2008
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1. Jacked out fo your mind. Short for Deisel as in Vin Deisel
Matt Riderstoff is fucking deez.
by David Oakwood May 31, 2005
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Deez- an abbreviation for "These Hoes!" a term often used by members of the C.W.A.S.I to describe the females that cause all of the drama in life.
If two or more Scutologist witnesses a Scutta in action, they generally look at one another and say, "Deez!"

These women cause/allow men the right to cheat, they are constantly engulfed in dramatic situatons. Extreemly stubborn and immature. Beware! They are unknowingly the cause of all of the world's problems!
by Scutologist July 02, 2006
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