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after fucking so long and so hard, and it was so good,when you have to get up to go get a snack and you walk around the room like a newborn deer.
man,the other night I picked up this chick at the bar,we fucked so long I got deer legs!
by bigeasyone March 07, 2010
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The severed leg of a deer. Usually not the whole leg, it is almost always a section containing the animal's hoof. It is upstate New Jersey's answer to the cursed monkey paw, and represents an antagonist to the lucky rabbit foot.

In folklore, the deerleg will reappear to and haunt whomever finds it, even in their thoughts and dreams. It is a bad omen.
Friends of mine found the deerleg alone at an abandoned gas station in NJ during a road trip to a UFC event.
by JustinBer January 20, 2008
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