A person who is completely innocent; Someone who has not even had their first kiss. A very naive person.
Conchita: I haven't even kissed anyone yet...

Ana: You're just a baby deer...you'll get there.

Fransisco: Conchita, wanna makeout?

Ana: Conchita, you will no longer be a baby deer!
by babydeerluv June 11, 2010
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when females wear high heal shoes for too long and begin to walk deformed. Typically their knees bend towards each other at a slight angle and they lean over to keep their balance
This girl was walking home from the bar in the cutest dress but TOTAL baby deer legs.

I was dancing all night at the club, and by the time I was stumbling home I pulled out the baby deer legs.
by dertyjerz July 13, 2011
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Is when you try to stand up after having great sex and your legs are wobbly and weak
Man i fucked her so good she was baby deered for a couple hours after
by Bobbym209 May 13, 2021
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(Baby deer syndrome) when she puts her clothes back on and walks away like a fawn learning how to walk for the first time.
I left that b**** with baby deer syndrome ask her she'll tell ya.
by Kiddswindle May 31, 2022
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