to officially stop using weapons,a nuclear power station,etc.
we went to the station but it was decommissioned.
by tablo91 November 13, 2011
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The act of disservice to a community by destroying the commode through a major shit eruption. Said shit storm is a janitorial nightmare, resulting in "out of order" signage.
Johnny Shatt, sensing a tummy rumble, knew it was time to release the dragon. Sitting on the porcelain commode, he grabbed his heals, held his breath, and with all his might bore down! The resulting shit geyser spackled the walls, the toilet seat, but oddly left Johnny's Polo shirt, khaki shorts, and penny loafers unscathed;nevertheless, the damage was done! Johnny Shatt was becoming a scourge to local businessess, but in some circles...a legend..for Johnny S. was on a streak, "decommissioning the shitter(s)" of not too many a fine business in Greater Los Angeles (Losssz Angeleeez, emphasis added) area.
by ShawShankPrison February 18, 2023
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