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To imbibe copious alcoholic beverages as a way of dealing with Christmastime stresses.
"I'm so exhausted by Christmas shopping with my whiny kids, I just want to deck the halls with some eggnog and brandy the rest of the day."
by giraffe-o December 02, 2009
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*music* “ Deck the halls with all these body’s pow-pow-pow-pow-pow—pow-pow-pow””if you think im a little crazy you-can-suck-my-dick-you-little-prick””Running now the police are coming running-down-the-street-to-the-fucking-car””the police are chasing were at full speed where-kinda-screwed-we’re-running-out-of-gas” *more music* “Running down the streets of a city getting-shot-at-by-the-police-of-doom””like every action movie I-come-out-unscraped-like-come-on-boy””Run down this ally with me please just-a-casually-placed-fucking-car””now escaping at full speed laughing-all-the-way-yelling-fuck-the-police” *more music* “now counting all the money we robbed from-the-bank-we-robbed-with-all-the-dead-guys””clinking bottles for the victory getting-drunk-all-night-like-any-irish-guy””with these women in are arms we’re-getting-laid-easly-with-all-this-damn-money””waking up in a dazzy last-night-was-a-hell-of-a-party””yes-it-was-a-hell-of-a-good-party
by Lorddeath562 November 24, 2017
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