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Often a term given to an extremely feminine and homosexual male. If their first name is Clinton, another extremely homosexual term, they are usually very bad bowlers, often overshadowed by brothers who have the name Ryan in both batting, bowling and fielding skill areas.
*Talking to a gay male*:
You're a bit Deboni aren't you mate? Of the Clinton kind.
by Oxford Dictionary Australia December 18, 2013
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Used to describe a person that only wears footy shorts and is partial to large amounts of chafe due to homosexual activity.
Can also be used alongside the term 'Clinton', which is another term that denotes homosexuality and refers to the persons terrible batting technique and average, as well as the person being genuinely outplayed by their brother, or by Freo.
Grinder: See that bloke in there batting in footy shorts?
Roy: Yeah, he's such a deboni
Grinder: He sure bats like a Clinton
by G-rinder December 19, 2013
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