Coined by Paranormal State, dead time is the time when (apparently) spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal things are most active and apparent to the human world. Dead time is 3am.
My friend and I got so scared last night, we stayed up until dead time and we swear we heard a ghost.
by paranormal July 9, 2009
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Whatever happens to the main character of a movie you or a friend hasn't seen.
Friend: I really want to see Forrest Gump.
You: You totally should it's go a great twist. He was dead the whole time.
by thegameguydude815 January 3, 2012
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The time you spent from being held in custody to the time of you sentencing
Bart : remember that guy that got arrested at school? We’ll he got sentenced just today
Mill house : man that guy did a lot of dead time
by Shakell January 2, 2023
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