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Doh beat up / dont beat up
Trinidadian for dont get angry or upset
girl1: my boyfriend left me
girl2: dbu, you will get another man
by Kris684 July 06, 2012
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D.B.U.=Defensive Back University. Nickname given to Virginia Tech by football commentators for its history of producing professional American football players at the defensive back position.
If you want to excel as a defensive back in the NFL, you'd better play college football under Bud Foster at D.B.U.
by TruthinessToo October 07, 2013
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Acronym for "done blowed up", a phrase commonly used by sports commentators during NASCAR races when an engine blows during the race.
Kyle Petty's engine just done blowed up!
by Bernie Klinder July 14, 2005
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