2 definitions by Bernie Klinder

Acronym for "done blowed up", a phrase commonly used by sports commentators during NASCAR races when an engine blows during the race.
Kyle Petty's engine just done blowed up!
by Bernie Klinder July 14, 2005
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In software development, a TPS Report is a quality assurance document that stands for "Testing Procedure Specification". This report is part of the IEEE 829 standards.

However, in the modern cubicle culture, TPS is an acronym meaning "Totally Pointless Stuff", which was made famous in the movie Office Space. TPS Reports are meaningless pieces of documentation that must be filled out but that nobody reads.

As an inside joke, many cubicle workers have duped their managers into renaming their routine status reports as "TPS reports" under the guise of other acroyms such as "Time and Productivity Status"
Our weekly TPS reports were filled with context-free grammer
by Bernie Klinder July 14, 2005
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