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Dazz is the combination of Disco and Jazz. To bring the best of both worlds is the true definition of Dazz.
Guy1: Did you hear that new joint from Brick.
Guy2: Yeah thats got a good beat. What do you call that?
Guy1: Thats Dazz man, dazz.
by bigboiSc January 17, 2006
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Dope, Fresh af, fire, clean, hard af, swag, hot, sexy, classy, etc. Also can be used as "Dazzed". Originates from the word Dazzling.
producer: I kno right homie? hmu w 100 & ill get u da exclusive

guy 1: Dayuuuuumm bro look at dat bih! Dat gurl dazz af!!
guy 2: man id be fuckin dat bich right now if we weren't hangin high above da clouds on dat ganja right now homie real talk...
guy 1: ay man u couldn't get her if u had a benzo. sit da fuq down. she way too dazz 4 u haha
by dazz_niqqA February 05, 2014
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Nickname, stage name or online screen name people use. Sometimes short for Dazzle or Dazzled.

Also the name of an old disco band back in the 70's
"hey Dazz whats up?"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 09, 2007
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Nickname for Daria; can be used as Dazzchazz or Daziuschazius. Refers to a beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking, and all around perfect young woman who never fails to amaze her boyfriend. She is loving, caring, compassionate, tender, tough, and insecure yet amazingly strong, she never falters, and she always finds a way to succeed. The curve of her cheeks, the proud shape of her jaw line, the shape of her hairline, the way in which her perfectly petite lips are tapered so perfectly, and the way her eyes peer so deeply into her lover’s eyes is enough to break any man’s heart and drive him to distraction. She has the most amazing body you will ever find this side of reality. Her legs have the most amazing blend of pure, lean athletic muscle, and red-carpet curve and shape. Her hips and rear end cause any man lucky enough to catch just a glimpse of them to forget all past desires and focus solely on her. The dimples of her lower back when in just the right position will satiate the desire of any man, simply by looking at them. Her strong back and equally amazing stomach and arms yet again are the perfect blend of a Spartan woman and the Greek goddess Aphrodite, not to mention her bosom. There is not enough space in this box to count the ways that Daria is far above the rest, how she has changed the life of her boyfriend and hopefully future husband. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind who knows her, that she will go on to change the world. Not to mention she’s spectacular in bed.
That girl is alright, but she is nothing ompared to Dazz
by Dnels22 February 02, 2012
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