The ship between the two Homestuck characters, Dave Strider and Karkat Vantas. Weather its Dave ♤,♣, ♧, or ♥, doesn't matter. Davekat is still cannon.
yo, bro! did you know Davekat is cannon?
:33< REALLY! Added to my shipping wall!
by K4R3Z1 STR1D3R September 04, 2015
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a ship between a guy who's too cool for school and an angry grey troll. probably one of the best canon ships ive ever laid eyes on.
me and my friend: davekat is canon davekat is canon dAVEKAT IS CANO-
my other friends: god fuck not again
by louuuuuuuuuna October 05, 2019
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When you go looking for one fluffy dave x karkat fic and you come back up 8 hours, 18 smut fics, 23 long fics, and 3 oneshots later.
Moirail: why didn't you text me back
You: i was in a davekat hell feelings jam later okay
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