dave’s is literally wendy’s but better. wendy didn’t do crap. PERIOD.
dave’s is so much better
wendy didn’t do crap
by hansyddave August 7, 2020
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a big fat man who mostly gay but can be redeemed mostly daves are weirdos and like to have 5 to 6 men at a time daves are strange creatures and should be locked in a cage because he’s that gay gayness radiates off of dave he is the gayest gay man to ever be gay and he will always be gay if u meet a dave RUN he will try and sex u
u see that man over there,yeah what about him,OH SHOT ITS A GAY DAVE DAVE RUN
by heybro55 May 10, 2020
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A Florida term for what you get after eating too much food, or ill prepared food. Usually occurs when in eating in a ghetto or white trash area. The Daves is a term for a massive, wet, nasty, squirty shit that you just can't control.
I ate some nasty ribs at woodys and within an hour I got the daves and shitted myself.
by tuner infante October 24, 2011
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A Dave is the type of person who will fight for the rights that he believes he deserves. If anyone tries to get in his way, he will take them down. He's shameless and he's a fighter.
Person #1: Hey, who is that guy pushing through the crowd? He sure knows how to get people out of his way.

Person #2: That must be Dave. Even with all these people watching, he's not embarrassed.

Person #1: Classic Dave.
by PumpernicklePower January 20, 2017
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Dave is the ruler of all universes, dimensions, and realms. He isn’t A god, he is THE god. He is the epitome of life and the world as we know it. Anyone named Dave is a vessel for such greatness. One shall sacrifice their lives to the holyness and perfectness of the Dave. Dave represents all things beautiful and worthy of life. I tip my hat and salute to the god that megabits all things and all creatures. Thank you, dave. We all owe you our lives. Nothing can define your greatness.
Join the Dave revoloution. Be awakened.

“I love you daaaaaaaaavvvvvveee!!!”
“I cannot even comprehend your greatness daaaaaaavvvveee!!!”
-these are all examples of things you can say about Dave.
Don’t wait any longer.
Be smart.
Be Dave.
by A charpie February 7, 2019
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