An awesome individual who can make any bad song sound good and make any person laugh.
Is sometimes abbreviated as : dd, Dave, Dayer
can be used as a verb
Dude, you're rockin' like Dave Days!
Dude, you totally DDed that song!
You're as funny as a Dave!
What a Dayer
by Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana December 22, 2010
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National Dave Day is traditionally being celebrated on the 8th of December. Folklore goes that on this day in the year 1934 a Dave was born somewhere in the world every second. We commemorate this, which in certain circles has been known as 'The Tenth World Wonder, by showing a little bit of extra love to a Dave in your vicinity. Traditional dishes for this special day are decorated pancakes and heart shaped food. Dave's name is frequently spelled on said pancake with different types of topping. One could consider melted chocolate, marshmallows or maple syrup to name a few. It is widely regarded as a scientific fact that every Dave likes to munch down on a good homemade pancake. One could expect exclamations such as the 'Yummieeeeeee', 'Mmmmmmmm' or 'Not too shabby' as Dave attacks his carb-bomb. Make your Dave's day special too, and show him that you care. 8th of December, National Dave Day, a joy for all.
Happy National Dave Day to one and all!

Well, would you believe it? Dave was radiating after eating the pancake I made him for his special day.

I'm well chuffed that we got to celebrate National Dave Day again this year.
by 100%QualityAssurance December 8, 2018
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On the 6th of December you should absolutely demolish any dog named Dave as it is key to fuck this shit out of a dogs arse in the day
Oi mate it’s f*ck a Dave day I’ve been waiting all year I’m guna eat his ass
by Meow9192929 December 6, 2021
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Derived from the expression Hedo Dave and Cutting Out Early. A Half-Day Dave is a person who is never late twice in the same day. This means that if the person arrives to work late, then in order to not be late twice in the same day he must leave early. Typically, a Half-Day Dave person will arrive sometime after 9:30am and leave work by 3:30pm at the very latest.

Note that the Half-Day Daveer need not necissarily be named Dave. It has been seen on numerous occasions that The Rod is actually better at arriving late and leaving early than even Dave himself!
Hey The Rod - I see you have your Karate uniform... I guess you will be pulling a Half-Day Dave again!!!
by Hedo Dave June 4, 2004
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Where you absolutely hate the guy Dave. You are disappointed in Dave
You: what day is it?
Friend: it’s February 11th.
You: it’s national fuck Dave day.
Friend: what’s that?
You: where you absolutely hate that guy named Dave
by Bigdickduck February 7, 2022
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#NationalDaveDay is celebrated on the 11th of April. #NationalDaveDay is a care free day where you can pack hammers with the boys, and drink Natty light like it’s water with no consequences. (as long as you don’t get caught)
Hey man it’s Dave Day let’s get drunk at noon!
by TheBlackShadowww April 11, 2019
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A working day where an employee starts late, has a long lunch, goes missing for long periods during the day and then leaves early
Dave had a Dave Day today
by NorthernScm June 16, 2015
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