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The act of going away for the weekend to a local hotel/motel.
Laura was on me that we don't go out enough so we went downtown for a datecation last weekend. Hotel sex is always better.
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 05, 2009
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Similar to a staycation, a datecation is when you stay home and just "chill and watch Netflix" or lounge around with your significant other and relax instead of going out.
Daniel and Taryn didn't feel like going to a restaurant for a traditional date because they were tired of going out. They just wanted to spend some time together and relax, so they went over to his house for a datecation.
by Shreebee December 03, 2015
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When you go on a short trip with someone that doesn’t live near you and act like you’re in relationship and have lots of sex, but you go home to your separate cities and keep it casual
I went on a datecation with that guy and I’m good with him for a while. He’s good for a datecation, but I could never date him.
by Grammar polize September 21, 2019
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The event of going a girl date that's longer than one day. Like a vacation... but a lady date. No boys allowed
Let's take a datecation to Italy. I need a week away from fuckboys
by Nickyknob February 25, 2017
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