A baiting practice first employed by virologists in the late 1950s, in which they used the fruit of date palm tree to attract and capture fruit bats for testing.

Virologists had long suspected that fruit bats could be the carriers of certain types of viruses that were being spread in North Africa.

Capturing the fruit bats initially proved difficult, until a local Egyptian herder suggested using dates laid on fine netting spread on the ground. Date baiting traps continued to prove to be an effective method of capturing fruit bats.

Recent study of captured fruit bats revealed that they were indeed a carrier of the ebola virus.
The virologists decided to date bait traps to capture the elusive North African fruit bats.
by firefighter rick April 2, 2017
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date bait=any material object or event that intices the opposite sex to seek interest in reuniting with a person at a later date
When you're at a bar and coax a girl to go on a date with you by telling her you have tickets to a sports game (eg Redsox)/concert/play, access to jewelry, etc= date bait
by pepmd May 17, 2007
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A technique used by online dating sites such as AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and CougarLife to scam money from gullible horny people. After joining, the user starts to receive messages from other "users", which requires the user to pay in order to read and/or respond. If the user pays to respond, they do not end up meeting an actual human; rather, it results in the company's revenue increasing and a dry area between the user's legs.
Horny Guy: Bro! Check this out! I signed up on Ashley Madison 5 min ago, and before I even made a profile, I got a message from RealHornyGurl69! Her profile is super hot!

Wiser Friend: Oh really? What does it say?

Horny Guy: I dunno, it's a "Collect Message." I have to buy some credits from them so I can read it.

Wiser Friend: No way, dude. It's date bait.
by RyGuyNomad August 7, 2011
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The act of someone asking another out as a practical joke for them to accept.
He got date baited by Karen
Karen- "will you go out with me"
Him- "sure"
Karen- "Just kidding your one of my best friends"
by father.louis March 3, 2019
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