Used to describe something cool. Popular in mainstream slang and can be used for almost any scenario. It is also @blockaye_ 's favourite thing to comment under IG memes.
Nigga 1: Wys fam check my new whip. issa i8 ting

Nigga 2: Damn nigga das tuff.
by BASED GOD TENZ May 18, 2018
When something is tough or goes against you.
Dude 1: Bro, my dad died yesterday
Dude 2: Das tuff
Dude 1: Yea
by The woken November 8, 2018
V in da tuff refers to a saying in which people pose by a car that’s not their own and pose for photos in a way that look cool and badass.
“You fw my car?”
Ofc I do bro. V in da tuff”.
by The Science King July 11, 2022